Prince Christopher | Fairmont, Lumberton, Maxton NC Newborn Photographer

This little prince came to see me and at first look he just blew me away! All that hair, and gracious… seeing him grow over the past few weeks, his hair hasn’t stopped growing either! He definitely was a cutie and only had to stop to get his tummy full just once! Arriving just before Valentine’s day, mom said this was her best Valentine’s Day yet, as there is a new man in her life!  ;) -Sorry Dad!


Dad had nick-named his son “Prince” before he was born, so mom requested a shot of her little man in a crown fit for little prince!


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Mallorie Ann | Holden Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Supply, Southport NC Newborn Photographer

I know I am so behind on blogging, but I simply cannot let these babies sit in my computer any longer! This is miss Mallorie Ann ( I just love her little southern name!). She was such a joy! She let me do any and every pose, in record timing! She arrived just perfect in time right before Christmas, so I couldn’t help but to use our new sleigh prop.

Here is a few from her session, enjoy!




As a mother and daughter team, we at Lime Light understand that newborn photos are an treasured investment. These photos are just simply different, one-of-a-kind. Thats why its called fine art portraiture. You can’t get these images from your local “In&Out” studio, grandma’s camera, or even your iPhone. Mom’s should know there is small window of opportunity to capture these sweet images of your brand new baby. We love it when mothers contact us early (some even when they see those two pink lines!) to reserve that first invaluable session with us. I truly am honored by each and every newborn that you entrust in my care to capture these memories for you. To hang in your nursery or home, we can’t wait to capture images of your little one that we promise you are sure to treasure and that will be unique as they are.

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Expecting Number 4! | Whiteville NC Columbus County Maternity Baby Photographer

Im just going to throw it out there… some people were just made to have babies.:)  They were born to be mothers.  I see it all the time, in that instant when someone becomes a mom the first time, its like magic when those motherly instincts kick in. Some women however, were meant to be a mother to more than one. This beautiful mama-to-be is expecting her first blue bundle of joy this March. She has three daughters who are just as beautiful with their own budding personalities, whom I am sure will help to take great care of him. As friends we’ve joked about the things (sometimes rude things) that people say when they hear of someone expecting their fourth child. Just to name a few…

-“Wow–your house is going to be crazy.”

-“Wow–you are a fertile Myrtle!”

-“Well, you’re DEFINITELY going to need a minivan.”

-“Well, NOW you’re done having kids, right?”

-“Well, you were gonna try until you got that boy (or girl) huh?”

How about lets just say how beautiful she is, and give her all the compliments in the world she deserves. Being a mother to one is a blessing, but being a mother to anything more than that, I feel is God’s way of showering you with all of His love and grace. Being a mother is hard, its not easy. You have your ups and downs. And carrying a child for 40 weeks (10 months!) is hard on your body. No matter how easy some make it look, its stressful. But in the end, when you see your’s and God’s creation for the first time… it makes the past 10 months seem like a bittersweet memory. Hope you enjoy a few of this glowing mama-to-be and her beautiful family.




Her session took place right before Christmas, so I wanted to incorporate something special to her session.  So here is the story behind the candy cane.:)

The candy cane is a long-time Christmas tradition. They are used as decorations on Christmas trees and, of course, they are one of the most popular of all Christmas treats. But in looking at this treat, it means something a little more. First of all, if you look at the candy cane upside down, it looks like the letter “J”. Jesus starts with the letter J, so that should remind us of Jesus and help us to remember that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

If you look at the candy cane right side up, it looks like a shepherd’s hook. The shepherd used his hook to keep the sheep from wandering away from the flock and getting lost or eaten by a wild animal. The Bible says, “The Lord is my shepherd.” The candy cane should remind us that Jesus is our shepherd and He will keep us from wandering away and getting lost or hurt.

The candy cane is mostly white. White is a symbol of purity. That should remind us that Jesus was the spotless Lamb of God and that because he came to be the sacrifice for our sin, we can become as white as snow.

As you know, the candy cane has three red stripes. The Bible tells us that before He was crucified,  Jesus was beaten with a whip which made blood-red stripes across his back. The Bible says that we are healed by those stripes. The stripes on the candy cane should remind us that Jesus suffered and died, so that we can have everlasting life.

To many people, the candy cane is a meaningless decoration seen at Christmas time, or just a piece of candy to be eaten. I hope that next time, and every time you see a candy cane, you will be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and the love He has for us.