Lake Waccamaw, NC Outdoor Photographer | Daddy’s Fishing Buddy…

I get it. Fishing to some men is like their “therapy”.  Me, personally I love therapy too! Its called RETAIL THERAPY! Maybe a little too much sometimes!;)

 Here recently, the hubs has finally gotten those old rod-n-reels back in his hands and back out on the lake casting like he use to. Lonnnngg before babies he would go fishing and come home, and it seemed as if it was his weekly visit to a therapist! Two kids later, and babies at that… he doesn’t have much time for his hobbies anymore so its so good to see him back doing something he enjoys.

Just this week, we were talking about the days that he will get to combine his love of fishing all the while teaching Holden, our son how to fish. Many of life’s lessens can be passed on to your children when you spend this precious with them. Lessons such as:

Be Patient – You most certainly can’t tell a large mouth bass to hurry up. Patience must be a virtue!

A Small Ripple Can Make a Big Difference – You just have to start it. One small act of kindness can spark so much in others.

There is a Right Time for Everything -You don’t see many fisherman going out on the lake at 12pm in the afternoon in the middle of July!

“The Early Bird Catches the Worm” – Get up, get out there early. Strive to be first and achieve your goals!

Don’t Let Those Fisherman Tales Get too Big, They Come Back to Haunt You. – Don’t stretch the truth to much, it could stain your integrity.

Just Let it Go – When fishermen catch a small one, they typically let them go. Great reminder to let the small stuff go in life. Don’t sweat it. Let go of resentment and anger, these can destroy you.

Spent one of my afternoons at Lake Waccamaw with sweet, sweet… did I say sweet couple? They have love written all over their faces and even more apparent love for baby Reed. Dad of course is a fisherman as well, and this spot was the perfect setting for their maternity session. Just a few of my favorites images from their session to share, enjoy!






Here’s to bait casters, baby boys, and gorgeous baby bumps! 

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Columbus County Maternity Photographer | Love at First Sight…

Delivering today, this sweet couple became parents to a strong, healthy (BIG) baby boy weighing 9 lbs 1 oz! I cannot wait to meet him! I bet he has a chubby roll or two!;)And I’m willing to bet if they didn’t already, that they just discovered what “love at first sight” is all about. Just a few favorites from my maternity session with the Little’s.





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Fayetteville NC Baby Photographer | She’s their heartbeat…

Oh sweet little Norah. This cutie and her parents melted my heart. I could tell by the way they look at Norah,  that I am holding their little “world” in the palms of my hands. Such a blessing that they drove so far to come see me and to trust me with this little precious girl. I would have kept her but I don’t think her daddy would’ve let me!


And to save one of the best for last, her daddy brought me his stethoscope to use in with Norah’s photo session. I wrapped it around her, and she wrapped those tiny little fingers around it like so. Little do you know Miss Norah, but this is a stethoscope daddy uses at work to listen to other peoples hearts. But we don’t need a stethoscope to know that you are mommy & daddy’s heartbeat already.  <3



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